Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) by Sequencing

Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) is used to generate library of short sequence tags, each of which is then used to uniquely identify a transcript, with multiple tags forming long serial contigs across transcripts. The number of times each tag is detected is correlated to the expression level for the corresponding transcript.

SAGE™ technology allows comprehensive, digital, genome-wide expression analysis. The expression profiles generated are sensitive enough to detect low-abundance transcripts, making it possible to identify novel genes without prior sequence knowledge.

Why Choose SAGE™ Technology?

When you compare genome-wide methods, SAGE™ technology is the only method that delivers all the critical criteria for genome-wide expression analysis. SAGE™ technology is also unique in that there are several public databases that can be used to facilitate your analysis.

Advantage Over Microarrays

Microarrays can analyze many transcripts, but are limited by the variability of hybridization and can miss novel transcripts expressed at low levels.

Advantage Over Differential Display

Differential display can identify differences among transcripts, but is unable to provide comprehensive profiles.

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